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Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino Implosion Date Draws Near

Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino Implosion Date Draws Near

For some time now, officials in Atlantic City have wanted to see something done about the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino. The building has remained empty for years and is considered an eyesore in the community. The property owner has been supposed to destroy the building for implosion in the past but never got around to it. Finally, on January 29, 2021, we will see the Trump building removed from the Atlantic City skyline. Many people in the region are quite happy that the building will soon be gone.

Ready for Implosion

The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino has been through a lot over the past few decades. Some find it funny that when the building formerly owned by Donald Trump that also bares his name will blow up just a few short days after he is removed from office. President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated just over a week before the building will be destroyed.

The Trump name is no longer seen on the building in large form, but it still bares the moniker. The casino resort first opened back in May of 1984 and was a popular spot for gamblers for many years. While some remember the building as a beautiful space, others see it now as an eyesore.

The building has been falling apart for several years and even some portions of the façade have fallen and could have injured any passersby. Right now, the building is wrapped in netting to try and keep people from getting hurt if pieces of the façade were to fall down.  A demolition crew started a few months ago to remove areas that could be taken out before the implosion.

Right now, the casino is owned investor Carl Icahn. It was closed back in September 2014 when several casinos in Atlantic City went belly-up. Icahn promised he would do something with the property once he took it over, but he never did.

Last March, Mayor Marty Small Sr. held a press conference and discussed a court order was being sought to ensure the property was demolished. Since that time, the city and Icahn have worked out a plan so that property will no longer be an issue.

What Happens After?

It is unclear as to what will happen to the property once it is demolished. The spot is a hot commodity but right now the US as well as the world is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Casinos in Atlantic City are only operating at 25% capacity and services are limited. Anyone coming in with a new casino would also face the same restrictions.

We may eventually see a new casino put in the spot where the Trump property was located, but it doesn’t seem to be likely any time soon. As far as the implosion is concerned, the pandemic will also play a role as to how many people try to get out and watch the process.

Footage of the implosion is sure to make its way around the internet and it would not be surprising to see a few Trump jokes included as he leaves office, serving as the US president for only one term.