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NJ Man Arrested in Identity Theft iGaming Case

When trying to set up an online gambling account, you never expect to be denied because an account already exists. But imagine that. Trying to create an iGaming account only to see that your information has already been used to create and fund an account. One man from New Jersey was recently arrested charged with identity theft, not for creating just one or two fake accounts, but more than 1,800!

Details of the Crime

Casey Ennis was arrested last month after he was found to be the suspect in an identity theft case involving the online gambling industry in New Jersey. Police arrested Ennis and placed several charges against him including theft by deception, credit card theft, and computer-related crimes.

An investigation that started in January of last year revealed that Ennis is the alleged culprit creating fake accounts to gamble online. Detectives of the Financial Crimes Unit in NJ were contacted by the Division of Gaming Enforcement after citizens began to suspect that accounts had been created in their name.

A long list of people came forward with information regarding fake accounts. These people said that their personal information was used to create an account without their consent. It is believed that Ennis used the personal information he stole to create almost 2,000 online gambling accounts with providers based in Atlantic City.

After determining the suspect, police executed a search warrant for Ennis residence. He was arrested at the time and police were able to find cash, methamphetamine, and electronic devices. He has since been released and must await a court date.

State Police issued a statement regarding the arrest and identity theft in general. Police pointed out that having one’s identity stolen is a traumatic experience and it affects not only consumers but also businesses.

Everyone is encouraged to keep a tight check on bank statements and credit scores/information to ensure that there is no identity theft at play. As technology advances, criminals have an easier time pulling information to be used for nefarious purposes.

Additional Charges

For Ennis, police suspect that he not only used the stolen identities to open online gambling accounts, but also to conduct unemployment benefits fraud. He used the information to create fraudulent claims so that he could benefit from payments made by the federal government.

The victims’ identities were used to create bank accounts. The accounts were then used to house the stolen unemployment funds. Ennis would withdraw the cash he needed from the bank accounts.

Police suspect that Ennis was able to get over $52,000 from the unemployment benefits plan. It is unclear as to how much he wagered, if at all when it comes to the online gambling scheme. Hopefully, everyone who had their information stolen will feel secure knowing that Ennis has been captured and will have to stand trial for his crimes.

It will be interesting to watch and see how this case develops. What will the punishment be? Will Ennis be able to explain his actions or will he suffer the highest penalty for the charges?