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New Rewards Club Launching at Ocean Casino Resort

New Rewards Club Launching at Ocean Casino Resort

When visiting a casino on a regular basis, it is recommended that players take advantage of any rewards program available. By becoming a rewards member, players have access to special perks such as comps for food and hotel stays as well as additional promotions. The Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City is getting somewhat of a makeover and in the process, will be launching a new rewards program on October 1st. The new program will offer players even more when it comes to property perks.

WOW Rewards Club

In the past, the Ocean Casino Resort offered guests the Ocean Rewards Club. Starting in October, the program will be known as Ocean WOW Rewards Club. The new program will provide players of the casino with ways to earn rewards far beyond the Atlantic City region.

For example, players will be able to compete for a Mercedes-Benz as well as a Carnival Cruise and tropical island vacation. According to chief marketing officer Mike Donovan, the program has been reimagined and guests will now have the ability to earn special perks as well as privileges that go beyond the Ocean Casino.

The property has reportedly teamed up with national brands to provide members with more opportunities to take advantage of benefits and experiences that are exclusive to the casino.

Details of the Program

Players will need to sign up for the new program and then earn points by playing games at the casino. Like other programs, players will need to earn a certain amount of points to move up to a new tier level. Each level offers exciting benefits such as flex comps and free parking as well as same day free play.

The first level of the program is the Blue tier which requires 0 to 2,999 points. The second level is Gold and requires 3,000 to 14,999 points. Platinum is next with 15,000 to 74,999 points while Black requires 75,000 to 299,999 points. The final tier is called Chairman and requires 300,000 points or more.

All cardholders can enjoy complimentary self-parking and other perks, but the Chairman level offers the best of the best. On this level, players are treated like VIPs, given access to the VIP Lounge and Chairman’s Lounge, suite upgrades, a free cabana at the Poseidon Pool, a yearly $500 Celebration Dinner and much more.

Tier points of the WOW program cannot be spent or redeemed at the casino. However, comp dollars are included in the program and can provide more choices on how players can spend their points. Comp dollars, also known as flex comps, can be earned from slots and table game play at the casino.

The system provides 1:1 comps for dining as well as hotel stays and on-property shopping. They offer 2:1 slot play, with $50-$500 in flex comps used for slot gaming redeemable at the rewards club. Until players make it to the Blue level the flex comps will expire after a six month time frame. So, be sure to use your points before they expire if you are at a lower level in the new casino program.

The new option launches on October 1st and it will be interesting to see how the program is received. Since opening in June 2018, the Ocean Casino has suffered from lack-luster performance. The new program is just one way that the casino is hoping to gain in popularity and begin to see higher revenue numbers roll in.

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