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New Jersey Regulators Seek Employment Info from Gambling Industry

New Jersey Regulators Seek Employment Info from Gambling Industry

In the state of New Jersey, the gaming industry is booming. From land-based operations to online casino, online poker rooms and sports betting, there is growth in all sectors. Because of how the industry is continuing to make gains, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) are seeking information from the private sector. They want to learn more about how residents in the state can find jobs and what kind of training is needed.

Information Needed

In a statement earlier this week, casinos, suppliers in the sports betting sector, platform providers, relevant industry groups, county governments, municipalities and other groups were asked to submit information. The details can be sent in to the EDA and DGE by January 31st at midnight.

Head of the New Jersey EDA, Tim Sullivan, commented that creating good-paying jobs and cultivating the talent pipeline is critical to support the ‘burgeoning industry’.

The submissions should include information on what employees need by way of skill sets to be employed in various positions within the gaming industry. The goal is to find out what might not be prevalent in the state currently and then learn more about what labor training programs could be offered to provide local employees with training to learn the needed skills.

What is Lacking?

Because the gambling industry continues to evolve, there are positions opening up that have never been available in the state before. One skill area that seems to be lacking in the state is odd-setting. This position involves the gambling sector as mathematical skills are needed to process making odds and bets to ensure the house is ahead. Winning payouts need to stay below the casino revenue amount.

There is a shortage of employees available with this skill so companies in New Jersey have had to hire people from Europe and other countries. If not, training is needed to ensure the individuals know how to complete the odds-making process.

During the Betting on Sports America Conference in Secaucus last year, Governor Phil Murphy said it best when he stated that he would like to see New Jersey continue to lead the way by being the intellectual and technical capital of online sports betting in the US.

The state continues to be a driving force behind sports betting and online casino growth, by introducing new techniques and technologies for a more streamlined operation. Other states look to New Jersey when building their gambling industries, be it online casino gaming, poker or sports betting. The state continues to be a trendsetter as well as leader in the gambling industry as a whole across the US.

With the EDA and the DGE offering to learn more about potential jobs within the industry and focusing on training opportunities, even more growth should be seen for the state. This time, it will be in job opportunities for residents.

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