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LeoVegas set to Launch Online Gaming in New Jersey

LeoVegas set to Launch Online Gaming in New Jersey

As the United States online gambling industry continues to expand, it is not uncommon to find European companies wanting in on the action. Just this week, we learned that LeoVegas is working with Caesars Entertainment in New Jersey to launch a new online gaming site in the state. The market access deal between the two companies allows LeoVegas to launch online sports betting and casino gaming options in the market. It is expected that the proprietary platform of the brand will launch in the next year or so.

Possible 2022 Launch

Press release information by LeoVegas shows that the company expects to launch early next year. The company must receive regulatory approval to operate in the state and meet other requirements. The Swedish company is excited to finally share its plans with the world.

Group CEO of LeoVegas, Gustaf Hagman, said in a statement that the company thinks the time and partner are right for the launch of ‘The King of Casino’ in the United States. Hagman pointed out that the country has immense growth potential and players are just now discovering the entertainment option.

The goal of LeoVegas is to provide an innovative and world-class gaming experience to players via mobile devices. The group will establish itself in the country with its proprietary platform and they feel that having full control over their technology is a key factor in remaining competitive in the market.

Rhino Platform

The platform by LeoVegas is known as Rhino. It takes a mobile approach to gaming and is ported to Google Cloud. This allows for premium stability and scalability. The platform is currently one of the top performers in the world and used by more than 10 brands across the globe.

The brands provide more than 60 game integrations within the platform. For players in New Jersey, they will have access to a large selection of games as well as payment options within the platform. The option is easy to use and is a fit for beginner and veteran gamblers.

For payments, Rhino can offer players more than 30 options for payment. More options may be added in the future. It is unclear though as to if all the methods will be made available to players in the Garden State.

The state of New Jersey is a good option for the company to get started in. There are nine people living in the state and it was one of the first to legalize online gambling. The gaming market is the largest in the United States and continues to expand on a regular basis.

For years, analysts have expected that as the market in New Jersey continues to expand, it would become saturated. That has not been the case. No matter how many new sites are added to the market, there are enough players to go around. The state generated over $1 billion in 2020 and is on trend to generate just as much if not more this year.

It will be interesting to see how the LeoVegas brand is accepted in the United States. Will it do well, or will it not be accepted? Only time will tell, and we will stay tuned to how the platform does once it is fully launched.