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Harrah’s Poker Room Reopens December 26!

Harrah’s Poker Room Reopens December 26!

After so many false starts and issues surrounding the lockdown thanks to the pandemic, it has been revealed that Harrah’s poker room is finally about to reopen for business on December 26. This is certainly news that has been welcomed by many as it gives the feeling that land-based casinos across New Jersey may be about to turn a new page.

Open Seven Days a Week

The poker room is going to be open from noon to 4am each day, and that applies seven days a week. Also, they are offering eight at a table which is seen as a bit of a breakthrough considering everything the world has gone through.

Restrictions Do Apply

But don’t think that everything is going back to normal. Harrah’s would usually have 40 tables in action, but that’s not allowed with reduced table numbers and participants being allowed in the building at any one time.

Not only that, but each visitor must wear a mask at all times, and the tables will have plexiglass shields in place to protect players from one another. Also, social distancing rules will be in place as much as possible with the intention of creating a safe environment for anybody in the building.

Games on Offer

At opening, Harrah’s will offer several different cash game versions to players. This includes a $1/2, $1/3, and $2/5 no limit hold’em as well as $2/4/6 and $3/6 limit hold’em, and $10/20 Omaha high-low. That should be enough to keep people entertained for some time and offer enough opportunities to land some winning hands.

A Chance for Harrah’s to Get Ahead

At this moment in time, Harrah’s will only have one other casino to act as competition since the only other one in operation is Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. One can look at how Borgata is dealing with restrictions to gain some insight into what we can expect at Harrah’s.

Currently, Borgata have 30 tables in operation, but that represents only one third of their capacity. They have been operating since October 21, and there is a seven-hand maximum in place. Protective measures are also in place, so we can see Harrah’s as needing to operate along similar lines.

Struggling for the Near Future

Sadly, with increased numbers of people being infected with Covid-19 along with increased numbers in hospitals, it is difficult to see the end in sight for casinos in New Jersey. Numbers of patrons will continue to be closely monitored and restricted. Decisions need to continue to be made as to what they will offer with the likes of Ocean Casino Resort removing its poker tables to allow it to focus more on high-paying slots.

In saying that, there is evidence that casinos have been able to control numbers and limit potential problems during the pandemic. Governor Phil Murphy himself has stated that he has been impressed with how the casinos have handled all of this when their very existence has been in some question. Revenue may have dropped, but it’s clear that the future will be brighter thanks to the steps taking by places including Harrah’s over the last few months.