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Harrah’s Atlantic City Site of Suspicious Death

In every city across the United States, crime exists. From robberies to murder, we are unfortunately exposed to the brutality of crime. In Atlantic City, the region has been known to be a dangerous one in the past, with a heavy influx of crime. However, over the past decade, the city has seen a turnaround. Despite having big bucks running through every single day, crime has been down for quite some time. That is why it was odd to hear about a recent death at the Harrah’s Casino and how it is currently under investigation.

Suspicious Circumstances

Little is known about the death as of yet, even though police were called to the Atlantic City casino’s hotel on this past Tuesday evening. A body was found inside and the exact circumstances surrounding the death remain unknown. According to a spokesperson within the casino, the investigation is ongoing and Harrah’s is assisting police in the matter.

Once the full details of the death are made public, a clearer picture will be available as to what exactly happened at the casino’s hotel.

Crime is Down

In Atlantic City, the region was once known as one of the most dangerous areas along the East Coast. However, over the past five years, crime has dramatically decreased. A report from last year showed that crime is actually down around 33% from what was taking place just five years ago.

Today, when a crime does occur, it is not necessarily random. In most cases, the incident took place for a reason. It is believed that an increase in the police force as well as more surveillance equipment in the area has helped cut down on criminal activity.

As more casinos begin to open in Atlantic City, it also spurs development and opportunity for the locals. Most everyone in Atlantic City want to see the region succeed. The area has a community feel and the focus is more on creating a better environment than focusing on criminal actions.

Protecting Yourself

As a gambler visiting Atlantic City or another popular gambling region in the US, it is important to take action to protect yourself. Criminals often target players of a casino because they know that they will have cash and valuables on hand.

It is important to avoid dark areas or ask for assistance when traveling back to your vehicle during the late night hours. Security should be on hand to assist. Also, avoid having large quantities of cash on your person and do not show it off. If a criminal spots your wad of cash, they will instantly make you a target.

If you earn a big win, ask the casino for a check or perhaps a bank account deposit. This way, you are not leaving the casino with a large amount of cash in your pocket. In the US, criminals have been known to stake out casinos and watch for big winners, only to follow the winners off-site or even home to rob them.

This instance at the Harrah’s may be nothing or it may be a murder. It’s too early to tell but it certainly drives home the fact that every gambler needs to be cautious while having fun at a casino. Take care to remain in secure areas and avoid being anywhere dark alone. Be careful with your money and avoid making yourself a target. Stay safe so you can enjoy your time whether you are in Atlantic City or another major gambling town!

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