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Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City Helping Residents in Need This Thanksgiving

Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City Helping Residents in Need This Thanksgiving

This year has been tough for everyone, particularly due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Most every business has been affected negatively, with millions of people laid off from work. In Atlantic City, the casinos are up and running again, which has brought back jobs, but the facilities are operating at a lower capacity. Despite setbacks, like lower travel numbers and the continual threat of the virus, one casino has decided to give back for the Thanksgiving holiday. Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City passed out bags of food to those in need, delivering to seniors in the area.

Helping the Older Generation

We all know that it’s the seniors that help casinos stay in business. Older players love to travel to Atlantic City and enjoy slot games, table games, dining and entertainment. For decades, the elderly have helped the casinos stay in business and are an integral part of the gaming world. For the Hard Rock, the casino wanted to help people who needed assistance, particularly those hit hardest by the virus.

Seniors are a very vulnerable group of the population that are affected by the coronavirus pandemic and are at a serious risk of death if they contract the virus. Seniors have a difficult time being in public, going out for grocery stores runs or other needs.

The Hard Rock decided to use the upcoming holiday to give back to the older generations. Earlier this week, the casino offered free food to the local community. Over 475 bags of food were provided to local seniors. Employees helped to prepare the bags, ensuring each bag was filled with can goods and other quality items.

David Spero, the Hard Rock Executive Chef, worked with a team of employees in the food and beverage service sector. Employees worked hard to load up grocery bags with vegetables, stuffing, and potatoes, even frozen turkeys.

The bags of food were then turned over to the Best of Life and Community Haven senior housing. Over 100 frozen turkeys were also provided to the Atlantic City Resume Mission. This will help people have nice turkeys to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Helping Employees

While the employees of Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City were helping seniors, efforts were also being made to help employees of the gambling town. Tomorrow, casino workers and residents of Atlantic City can take part in a food event. Bader Field will be offering a distribution of items on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This drive is provided by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The group worked with UNITE HERE Local 54, officials of Atlantic City, the Community FoodBank of NJ, and private donors. Everyone worked together to create a wide variety of food options so that everyone participating in the food drive will receive quality products.

Those set to attend the event need to register at the food bank website. This effort is just another way that the gaming industry as well as locals are helping locals in Atlantic City to have a nice holiday on Thanksgiving. Everyone has been hit hard by the virus, due to layoffs as well as sickness. This is just one way to try and provide a little sense of home and happiness among the locals.