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Hard Rock Atlantic City Announces Bonuses for All Employees

Hard Rock Atlantic City Announces Bonuses for All Employees

For almost a year now, everyone who is employed in the United States has struggled to make ends meet. From being laid off to losing hours at work, there are many ways in which the pandemic has affected the employment status of people in every industry. The casino gaming industry has been hit particularly hard by the virus, due to the social nature of the venues. Casino operators have managed to stay afloat and are hoping 2021 will be a turnaround year after the disaster that was 2020. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City recently made an announcement that employees will be receiving bonuses as a sign of appreciation for their hard work.

Over $1 Million in Bonus Funds

The casino operator has plans to pay over 2,000 employees more than $1 million in total. Jim Allen, the Chairman of Hard Rock International, stated that the company believes in the continual support for employees and it will enhance mutual respect and appreciation between the employees and the employer.

The bonuses will be added to this week’s paychecks. Joe Lupo, the President of the casino, made the announcement this week. Employees on the line-level will earn $250. Supervisors will be given $500 in extra cash. Managers are going to receive $1,000 in extra payments.

Employees of the casino are happy to be earning a little extra pay. Everyone has worked hard to keep the casino a safe and healthy place. Handwashing is constant along with more sanitization of the entire property.

The bonuses come at a time when employees need a little assistance. Everyone has struggled financially during the pandemic, with employees across the city needing help with food, rent, and mortgage payments, utilities, and other services. Many casino operators in the region offered food drives several times over the past few months to provide assistance to those who are struggling with feeding their families during the pandemic.

Previous Bonuses

This is not the first time the casino operator has provided bonuses to employees. In January 2020, the company provided $2 million in bonuses to employees in Atlantic City. This was before the pandemic began. The payments provided at this time were given to employees for assisting in helping the company meet business targets the previous year.

For 2020, the company did not meet its target goals. Of course, no other casino company did either. When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, not a single business was ready for it. Casinos in Atlantic City were closed for almost four months. After reopening, the venues could only operate at 25% capacity.

While the Hard Rock was shut down for a large portion of the year, the company still managed to exceed its goals when you look at the time frame in which the casinos were open. The brand was able to be successful with its online services as well as land-based options.

According to Allen, the casino is committed to Atlantic City for the long haul. The region has a great history behind it and has an even better history to come.