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Fox Bet Now Offering Online Casino Games in New Jersey

Fox Bet Now Offering Online Casino Games in New Jersey

Online gambling is sweeping across the United States, but not in the form you might think. After Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada launched online casino and/or poker gaming in 2013, there was a slow down and no other states got in on the action. Fast forward to this year and several states are offering online sports betting. After the option became a reality last year, state after state have started offering land-based betting with many seeing the lucrative side of online gaming as well.

In New Jersey, sportsbooks and online casinos are starting to come together to offer online gamers the best of both worlds. Late last week it was announced that Fox Bet is now offering online casino gaming via their mobile application. Players in the state of New Jersey can now access the PokerStars Casino in the mobile sports betting application of the brand.

All-In-One Gambling App

Fox Bet is taking a cue from other operators in New Jersey and offering additional options with their sports betting services. Casino games are appealing as it gives players something more to enjoy while placing sports bets. If the games are attractive, players tend to spend more time online after signing in to the sports betting app to place a single wager on a particular game.

The new addition of casino games comes just over a month after Fox Bet NJ launched. The site operates on the old BetStars platform from PokerStars and is part of a deal signed between Fox Sports and The Stars Group. At the time of the announced partnership, it was not made known that casino games would be launched, only sports betting.

It is not surprising though as online casino gaming in the state is big business. Around $500 million has been generated in just over a year’s time, so there is money to be made from the casino games. It far surpasses sports betting earnings by around 50% and is a huge source of income for operators in the state.

With the PokerStars Casino in the Fox Bet NJ platform, players who log in have access to over 150 slot games and several table gaming options. Players have a full list of gaming options that can be accessed at the same time as sports betting.

Cross-Sell for The Win

The combination of sports betting and online casino gaming is a good cross-selling opportunity that really shouldn’t be passed up. DraftKings has clearly shown just how well the two options merge together. For DraftKings, the company began as a daily fantasy sports site and then moved on to integrate sports betting once the option became available. They then quickly looked into casino gaming and it was not long before DraftKings Casino was born.

Offering the two together allows players to have seamless access to funds for both options. There is no need to log in to a separate platform as everything can be found all in one place. Operators like DraftKings then use the two options to promote the other. Sportsbook visitors find ads for casino gaming and vice versa.

The cross-sell of both genres have been a success for DraftKings and there is no doubt that Fox Bet should also see similar success. It will be interesting to see over the coming weeks how well the online casino contributes to the overall bottom line for the brand as well as if the overall online gaming revenues will increase for the state as they continue to dominate the

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