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DraftKings Casino State Legend Series Launches in New Jersey

DraftKings Casino State Legend Series Launches in New Jersey

Players located in the state of New Jersey will be excited to hear that DraftKings is offering up a specific leaderboard competition for casino visitors. Titled DraftKings Casino State Legend Series, players can log in for around two weeks to the online casino site of the brand and earn points for positioning on leaderboards. The top finishers will earn prizes plus any cash they win by playing DraftKings Casino games.

Details of the Series

Log in to your DraftKings account to get started in the Casino State Legend Series. Once you are signed in to the app, you can choose a leaderboard to compete in. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. Through May, play as many casino games as you like and earn points.

For every $1 you play on slot games, you earn five points. For DraftKings games and Live Dealer, you earn 1.5 points per $1. Table games and video poker games provide one point per $1.

When the series is over, the top players on the leaderboard will earn a prize. Players who make it to the top 10,000 will earn DK Dollars. This is credit that can be used at the site. The smallest prize that can be earned is 5 DK Dollars while the largest is 100,000.

Along with the standard prizes, DraftKings is also offering up Hot Seat prizes. The Hot Seat prizes will change on a daily basis as the series progresses. Winners will be chosen at random among the players that qualify. Each day, the qualifications will change as well. Players need to check the site to see what needs to be completed in order to qualify for the extra prizes.

The qualifications will vary but could be earning a certain number of points in the competition or playing certain games. Once you qualify, then you could be the lucky player who wins the extra prizes. There are also additional prizes for the players at the top of the leaderboards. Believe it or not, DraftKings is offering up cars, boars, vacations, and sports equipment. In total, the prizes up for grabs equal to $3.5 million!

Available in Other States

DraftKings is not only offering the leaderboard challenge in New Jersey. Players located in Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are also eligible to compete. The details for the competition are available for each state by visiting the DraftKings site. The $3.5 million is spread throughout the four states, with each state offering a certain amount of prize value.

In Pennsylvania, over $100,000 in total prizes are up for grabs. In this state, the competition runs through May. In West Virginia, players are competing for more than $50,000 in total prize money through May. In Michigan, the prizes equal $100,000 and the competition runs through May as well.

Right now, all the sites are offering the April monthly leaderboard challenge. Next month, the May challenge will start and offer up another round of prizes. The March contest already ended and provided players in each state with quality prizes.