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Coronavirus Cleaning Process Begins in Atlantic City

Coronavirus Cleaning Process Begins in Atlantic City

The coronavirus began in China and has spread its way around the globe, including into the United States. Officials are recommending that individuals avoid going to high traffic areas or traveling in order to avoid catching the virus. For casinos, this can mean little to no business. In Atlantic City, precautions are being taken by casino operators in order to protect their customers from the coronavirus.

Cleaning Up

With Covid-19, or as it is commonly known, the Coronavirus, the transmission takes place via droplets from coughing or sneezing. When you are in close contact with other people, it could be easy to contract the virus. Residents are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and to stay home when sick.

In Atlantic City, major casino operators are taking precautions to protect their visitors as well as employees.  MGM Resorts International, the operator of the Borgata Casino, announced that they are communicating with employee with guidance from the CDC on how to prevent the coronavirus.

Cleaning protocols have been enhanced which includes adding hand sanitizers dispensers in high traffic areas. The casino has also focused on proactive cleaning processes and increased the frequency in which disinfecting takes place. The casino continues to monitor the guidelines by the CDC and follow any reported changes.

The Golden Nugget is also taking the virus seriously, having enacted proactive measures to help minimize the concerns of patrons. They are sanitizing high traffic areas on a regular basis and have also placed the hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue. They are reiterating the need for frequent hand washing and are asking employees who have traveled to certain regions to stay home for three weeks before returning to work.

Sanitation and cleanliness is key. The CDC has stressed repeatedly the need to wash hands and to stay home if sick. The virus has slowly progressed to around 34 states currently in the US and is showing no signs of slowing down. By enacting individual quarantines and washing hands, it will help to cut down on the transfer of the virus.

How New Jersey has been Affected

On the 9th, officials in New Jersey stated that there were 11 cases of coronavirus that had been confirmed. Another two dozen individuals are currently being monitored as additional cases of the virus. The New Jersey and New York Port Authority head is one of the confirmed cases. It is believed that he may have contracted the virus from the airport.

Travel is being discouraged and while air travel has not been restricted within the US as of yet, residents are encouraged to avoid traveling on cruise ships. There have already been cases of the viruses on ships which have led to long time frames of quarantine for those onboard.

Las Vegas is another major gambling region like Atlantic City that is stepping up their game when it comes to cleaning at casino venues. Several operators have reported an increase in cleaning procedures including disinfecting more frequently. Hand sanitizers are a big change, with most venues in Las Vegas and around the globe adding the dispensers for a quick hand wash. Players can easily wash their hands at the gaming table or after a slot game.

It is expected that casinos will be hit hard due to the coronavirus. Players are most likely not going to be willing to travel to play in fear of contracting the virus.