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Borgata Casino Travelers Getting Lost Due to Waze Navigation App Issue

Borgata Casino Travelers Getting Lost Due to Waze Navigation App Issue

When traveling anywhere, it is not uncommon to use an app on a mobile device or within the car to find your destination. The app allows travelers to get to where they are driving with ease. Most travelers do not use paper maps anymore and rely on technology when driving to a location. A common app used for navigation via mobile device or vehicle is known as Waze. Visitors traveling to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City recently have been in for a shock when the app took them to a wildlife area instead of the gaming facility. Travelers have ended up with vehicles that are no longer working due to the location traveled to via the app.

Navigation Troubles

The Jackson Police Department recently posted via Facebook that travelers using the application when driving the Borgata did not end up at the casino but rather the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. This location is actually 45 miles to the north of the Boardwalk gambling town.

Police have seen a large increase in the number of disabled vehicles in the area, which is 12,000 acres in the Plumstead and Jackson Townships. Police stated that a Waze navigation app ad is taking players to the middle of nowhere in the wildlife sanctuary instead of to the Borgata.

The address in an ad for the casino is correct, at 1 Borgata Way in Atlantic City, however, the location that is pinned to the ad is not. Players who use the ad to reach the venue are not going where they expected.

Travelers affected by the Waze issue are usually coming from the northern area of New Jersey or from New York. The travelers are ending up on unpaved roadways and are lead to areas where their vehicle eventually becomes disabled.

The error has been reported to Waze and police are encouraging drivers to ensure they are heading in the right direction before using any application for directions. Travelers can easily check the address online and ensure the map is showing the same address once the destination is reached.

Borgata’s Popularity

The Borgata is one of the many popular casinos in the Atlantic City area, home to an assortment of gaming options along with entertainment, dining and more. The casino continues to be within the top three properties when it comes to gambling revenues, be it online or in land-based form.

While online gaming can be done from anywhere, visitors to the Borgata casino will have access to over 3,000 slot games along with more than 180 table games. In the table game section, the casino is home to Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Craps, Roulette and more.

The casino also offers a racebook and sportsbook. The sportsbook area is sure to busy over the coming days as the Super Bowl 2020 will take place in February. Let’s hope that the visitors to the casino make sure to check their app fully before making the trip or they might end up at the wildlife area!