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Borgata Casino Spreading Holiday Cheer with 12 Days of Giving

Borgata Casino Spreading Holiday Cheer with 12 Days of Giving

The holiday season has come quickly this year, though 2020 seemed never ending. This year has been difficult for many due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people have lost their jobs as well as contracted the virus and dealt with health problems because of it. Some have even lost their lives. For casino towns like Atlantic City, the region has been hit hard due to COVID-19 with many people unable to pay their rent, feed their families or recover physically from the effects of the virus. To try and give back, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in AC started its 12 Days of Giving on December 20. The MGM Resorts property is providing gifts and donations during this time to charities in New Jersey and Atlantic County.

What is 12 Days of Giving?

This project is one that will provide meaningful gifts, support and donations to those in need. Front line workers of the pandemic will be provided a meal by the resort’s culinary team. The meal is just one way the casino is saying thank you to those who are helping to try and put an end to the pandemic in the US.

Starting on December 20, the Borgata began partnering with several organizations to bring cheer to those in the community. A total of $5,000 was provided to the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City’s Holiday Heroes Giving Campaign, with team members of the casino helping to wrap gifts for the organization. Gifts were purchased from the Club’s Amazon Wishlist by the community. Masks were also sewn by team members to give to student’s in the club to stay protected during the pandemic.

Assistance was also provided to CONTACT, which is a volunteer effort to help the elderly and disabled with telephone assistance and support. Volunteers provided calls to individuals living alone, to make sure they are doing well. Holiday cards were written by team members of the Borgata to participants of the program as well as cordless phones and a laptop for the offices of CONTACT to better serve the community.

Meal Distribution

During the pandemic, many people in Atlantic City have relied on food distribution. Those who are unemployed as well as struggling to make ends meet due to job hour cuts have been able to visit food drives and food banks for assistance. The Borgata donated 120 turkeys to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey to help with food needs this holiday season.

There is also a coin shortage taking place nationally, so the Borgata gave individuals the option to drop their receipts that were less than $1.00 into a donation box. This helped to raise money for the food bank, with $20,000 donated in December.

Today, the Borgata will donate 60 individually wrapped meals to young people living in the Covenant House of Atlantic City. The young people in the home will also be given new hats and jackets or the winter. The Covenant House helps to provide housing and support for young people who are homeless, runaways or trafficked.

The Borgata is certainly giving back in many ways this holiday season. This is only a small portion of what they have done as Christmas draws near. The effort will continue through the end of the month with additional charity work.