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Borgata Casino Reveals Seven-Point Safety Plan for Reopening

Borgata Casino Reveals Seven-Point Safety Plan for Reopening

For MGM Resorts International, their top operating property is the Borgata Casino Resort in Atlantic City. This year, the casino has been hit like the rest of the gaming venues across the United States with a loss of revenues due to the coronavirus outbreak. With reopening starting to take shape across the nation, operators like MGM are revealing their plans to get back to work. If operators want to be profitable and encourage guests to visit, they must provide a safe and healthy environment. Take a look at MGM’s plan and see for yourself if you think they will be using quality guidelines and procedures to keep employees and guests safe.

Seven-Point Safety Plan

For MGM, they recently revealed the details of their Seven-Point Safety Plan to the public. After having casinos shut down for around two months, the operator is ready to get back to work but wants to do in a safe manner.

The full report goes into great detail with a layered approach to the protocols and procedures that MGM will be using within their venues. The company worked with medical and scientific experts to ensure they do everything they can to stop the spread of the virus, protect their employees and customers as well as respond quickly to new cases.

The plan will apply to the domestic properties of MGM only. For the Borgata, the casino will not be allowed to open until Governor Phil Murphy gives the go-ahead. The exact date as to when this will happen is unclear. However, the venue will be ready once reopening is approved.

The Plan

Details of the plan are quite vast, so here is a short breakdown. At the MGM properties like the Borgata, employees will be trained on new procedures and guidelines as well as screened and checked for a temperature while on the job.

Masks will be mandatory as well as additional personal protective equipment. There will be a six foot physical distancing policy in place where possible. Sanitization will be enhanced along with more frequent handwashing.

The company is taking care to consider heating ventilation and air conditioning controls along with air quality during the pandemic. They have set forth particular incident response protocols in the event of the virus as well as using digital innovations.

For guests, those who are planning on visiting the Borgata this summer are going to be asked to follow self-screening protocols. If a person has been exposed to the virus, they are urged to self-quarantine and not travel to Atlantic City.

While employees will have to wear a mask on-site, guests are not going to be required to do so. However, customers are going to be encouraged to wear a mask while in the public areas of the property. The company will offer masks free of charge for those who are in need of protection.

For further social distancing, the Borgata has decided to rely on technology. There will be contactless options made available for guests, which will eliminate or cut down on the need to wait in line for certain services. We imagine this would include services like check-in.

Casinos in Atlantic City are ready to reopen but want to do so in a manner that will be safe for everyone involved. The hope is that things can get back to a similar form of normalcy which will allow casinos to begin generating revenues and people can enjoy gaming entertainment once again.