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Bettor Safe Launches Safer Gambling Campaign in New Jersey

Bettor Safe Launches Safer Gambling Campaign in New Jersey

Online gambling is big business in the state of New Jersey. Every month, the state seems to reach new revenue heights, earning more than ever before due to player participation. This year, as growth continues, Conscious Gaming has decided to launch a new safer gambling campaign titled Bettor Safe. This campaign is featured in New Jersey as well as other states like Pennsylvania. The goal is to help players learn more about the industry and promote responsible gambling.

Educating Players

With Bettor Safe, the GeoComply non-profit arm is working to teach players about the risk of betting with unregulated operators. While we have known about and have shown interest in online gambling for many years, there are those who have no idea what the difference between unregulated and regulated gaming sites means.

The roll-out of the program focuses on NJ and PA. Conscious Gaming has made a commitment to consumer protection and wants to educate people directly about the risks associated with unregulated betting. The effort comes at a time when online gamblers are enjoying casino games at a much higher rate and just before March Madness begins in the NCAA.

Bettor Safe offers information on where online gambling is legalized as well as which sites are regulated in the US. For gambling responsibility needs, the campaign focuses on national and local resources. An informational video was launched in New Jersey to provide a quick explanation of the program.

The video points out that unregulated operators offer manipulated odds, are a risk of identity theft and fraud. With an unregulated site, you are putting your personal and financial information at risk. The regulated sites in the Garden State provide a safe environment where you are safe and not at risk. These sites are regulated by state authorities and must follow certain protocols including fair play.

Study Reveals Confusion Associated with Online Gambling

Because the online gambling industry is prevalent and interesting, there are often studies conducted on player behavior. The American Gaming Association is known to provide insight into the industry and a recent survey of players showed that around 35% of gamblers are not aware if they can legally place online wagers in their state.

A much higher percentage are wagering via unregulated sites. The industry sees the risk that illegal gambling sites bring to players and the individual states. This is one issue that proponents of legalized iGaming are pushing to see a change in their state.

With unregulated sites, players are at risk on a number of levels. If a state legalizes online gambling and there are regulations in place, players are safe and the state benefits from the revenues earned. While there is a risk of gambling addiction, operators are required to provide resources, so players have somewhere to turn if they feel they need help.

This will most likely not be the end of promotions or programs regarding safe gambling practices. As the US market grows from state to state, we should start to see more information and programs related to safe, secure, and responsible gaming.