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Atlantic City Casinos to Close as New Jersey Announces Curfew

Atlantic City Casinos to Close as New Jersey Announces Curfew

In the state of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has recommended a statewide curfew of 8pm until 5am in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Along with other states like New York and Connecticut, New Jersey has also decided to shutdown casinos, restaurants, bars and movie theaters, along with other venues where large crowds gather. Groups of 50 or more are banned in the state.

Atlantic City Casinos Closing Tonight

As of 8pm today, casinos in the Atlantic City area will be closed. The precautionary measure is being taken to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus. A press conference this afternoon should reveal more details, but we do know the gaming venues are shutting down in the region and across the nation.

Earlier today, MGM Resorts announced that their Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa with suspend operations due to the unprecedented public health crisis that nation is currently facing. The company has plans to work to mitigate the impact of the closure and will work to reopen as soon as it is appropriate and safe for the public.

Along with land-based casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms will also not be offering services, as they are all provided in the same property. For sports betting, players literally have no betting options as the NBA, MLB and all other major sports leagues have shut down their games.

Right now, the coronavirus is slowly spreading throughout New Jersey as well as other states. As of writing, 98 people had tested positive in the state. However, that number is constantly changing as more people are being tested.

This closure is not the first for Atlantic City, however, it might be the longest. The city was shutdown back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy occurred and venues were closed for five days. With the coronavirus, the situation is different and we could see several weeks or even months before life gets back to normal.

Increase in Online Gambling

Luckily for players in New Jersey, the state offers online gambling. Players have access to online casino and poker games, from several different operators. Games can be enjoyed online from a desktop or a mobile device and such options like slots, video poker and table games are provided.

Since the public will be staying inside their homes, it is most likely that the iGaming industry will see an uptick. The online gaming sites will be a convenient form of entertainment that many people look to as the boredom sets in.

It would not be surprising to see new signups within the online gaming sites of the state as players log on for the very first time. Regulars will also be logging on in expected higher numbers as they find games to play while stuck at home.