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Atlantic City Casinos Donate Food During Coronavirus Shutdown

Atlantic City Casinos Donate Food During Coronavirus Shutdown

It was just a short time ago that casinos in Atlantic City, as well as racinos in other parts of the state were shut down due to the spread of the coronavirus. The venues were hot beds for the virus to spread, as hundreds of people would gather at the table games and slots on a daily basis. Schools are closed as well as other businesses and many people are starting to worry about feeding their families. The casinos of Atlantic City realized the abundance of food they have in storage and have decided to help the community by donating their excess.

Helping Others

The casinos keep large quantities of food on hand to be able to provide options for restaurant goers as well as guests of their hotels. With the venues shut down for an extended period of time, the food they had on hand would go to waste. This prompted casino operators to begin donating pallets of food to local food banks, various agencies and community centers in the area.

For days now, the city’s casinos have been participating in providing deliveries of food or providing pickup options. All nine operating venues in Atlantic City have taken part in this effort. Groups that have benefited from the donations include the Community FoodBank, Atlantic City Rescue Mission, Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City and the Salvation Army, among other venues.

The Boys and Girls Club recently received a donation from the Borgata Casino and were able to set up tables of food outside a local day care center. They passed out close to 1,500 prepackaged meals. The meals have helped children who rely on schools to provide nourishment as well as parents who are no longer working due to the need for social distancing at this time.

A food bank located in Egg Harbor was able to receive over 125,000 pounds of dairy and produce. This will go a long way to provide healthy meal options to locals. The community has seen the effort of the casinos and are applauding them for helping turn a scary situation into something a little more positive.

More Casinos Reaching Out

While casinos in Atlantic City are helping out, so are other gaming venues across the United States. Gaming venues across the nation are shutting down due to the spread of the coronavirus and instead of watching food go to waste, they are donating as well. From the West to the East Coast, gaming companies are ensuring that pantries stay full so those who are losing their income have help along with school children who may be in need.

There are even items that have been donated to local animal rescue groups. Food that was past its expiration date was provided to animals when it was suitable to do so. This way, the food can still be used to help provide nourishment, just to our four legged friends.