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Atlantic City Boardwalk to Permit Open Alcohol Containers Beginning This Week

Atlantic City Boardwalk to Permit Open Alcohol Containers Beginning This Week

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is usually a bustling place, especially in the summer months. Casino players come to enjoy their favorite games while tourists take part in casino gaming along with enjoying the other entertainment as well as dining located along the Boardwalk. In the past, visitors had to abide by certain rules, including on open alcohol containers on the Boardwalk, now it appears as though that rule is changing, at least for the next few months.

Drumming up Traffic

The Atlantic City Boardwalk has been a ghost town as of late due to the coronavirus. A shut down order in the state placed casinos on lockdown as well as local restaurants and other venues. As businesses begin to reopen, it seems the alcohol change is being made to bring in more tourists. This week, Mayor Marty Small Sr. announced that an executive order had seen signed to allow open alcohol containers on the Boardwalk beginning on June 12.

The policy is reportedly going to be active for several months. The policy will continue until bars and restaurant restrictions are lifted or seven months after the state of emergency has ended, whichever takes place last.

Visitors can now drink outside between Sovereign and Rhode Island avenues of the Boardwalk. The areas of Gardner’s Basin that are non-residential are also approved. The area available for open containers can also be expanded when special events occur.

The order is in place for only drinks that are purchased on the Boardwalk. Individuals cannot open cary their own alcoholic drinks.

Reopening by July

This new order comes at a time when casinos in Atlantic City may possibly reopen by July 4. If that is the case, players will be able to open carry alcohol drinks while visiting casinos. The state is now entering into Phase two of the Road Back plan which includes outdoor dining.

There are many restaurants on the Boardwalk that offer outdoor dining. If these restaurants open back up, then visitors can have their alcoholic drinks to go. The Resorts Atlantic City Casino would fit into this category as they are home to the Landshark Restaurant which offers outdoor dining.

It will be interesting to see how this order goes into effect in Atlantic City. Will the order remain in place as casinos reopen and players are allowed to carry their drinks from venue to venue? It is quite common for players to drink while gambling, but they have never been able to take a drink from the gaming floor outside.

This is certainly a new concept that should be embraced by visitors, be it those who are traveling to the area for beaches and dining or those who want to experience the casino games. We shall see by the end of the week how this order is put into service and how it expands as more properties begin to reopen along the Boardwalk.