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As NFL Football Begins, Will Atlantic City Casinos See More Visitors?

As NFL Football Begins, Will Atlantic City Casinos See More Visitors?

Over the past few months, sports have slowly started to trickle back into our life. The NBA and MLB were back in action as the summer months came to an end and now we can look forward to the NFL and NCAAF providing football action. Sports were shut down abruptly earlier in the year as the Covid-19 pandemic began to sweep across the US. Football is a big driver of sports betting and a reason that many players visit a casino. In Atlantic City, sportsbooks are offering football action. Will the return of the NFL And NCAAF be enough to see foot traffic increase in the boardwalk gambling town?

Following Health and Safety Measures

The sportsbooks in Atlantic City are to act the same as the casino floor. There needs to be social distancing, limited capacity, mask wearing, hand sanitizing, etc. The properties are not offering full amenities and are only allowing so many people inside, so the virus does not see a resurgence of cases.

When casinos were allowed to reopen, new health and safety guidelines were issued by the state. The protocols must be followed in order for the casino to remain open and offer casino games, sports betting, etc.

So, what should you expect if you are traveling to an AC casino for sports betting? First, masks are required. If you enter the casino, restaurants on-site, sportsbooks, etc., you must wear a mask. You can only take the mask off if you are drinking or eating.

Sportsbooks will also focus on social distancing. There will be floor markers and signs in place to help the space avoid clustering. The goal is to allow players to bet via cashier windows and kiosks but without overcrowding.

Seating will be limited, so don’t be surprised if you see some seats removed or roped off with no access. Betting windows may also be limited to avoid employee exposure and keep from having long lines of players waiting to bet. Players are encouraged to use self-service kiosks to place wagers.

Will the Restrictions Hinder Bettors?

With so many restrictions in place, it makes us wonder if bettors will avoid their usual trips to the sportsbooks for betting. In the past, players would hit up the sportsbooks and scream alongside fellow fans during a big game. Screaming is more difficult in a mask, so we expect sportsbooks to be quieter than they usually are.

Bettors are also more hesitate to get out and about due to the coronavirus. Some people are remaining cautious and want to stay home to try and avoid catching the virus. This may also affect the number of people attending during big games.

You also have to factor in that players can post online sports bets. The convenience of online wagering makes it easy for players to post a sports bet without leaving their home. We expect that while players will be visiting the casinos of sportsbooks, the majority of wagers placed on upcoming football games will be made online.