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Advanced Technology Added to Slot Machines for Player Appeal

Over the past few years, the casino industry has been trying to find new ways to bring in visitors. For decades, 30 to 60 somethings and older would easily visit a venue to play the slots or table games. However, with the advancements made in technology within the past decade, the younger generation are not so enthralled by the gaming devices or table games. For millennials and into the future, casinos have to come up with something to draw interest.

Skill Games and Advanced Features

For the past few years, the goal of casinos has been to focus on skill games. Players today want to have access to entertainment that requires and element of skill. Visitors in the early 30s to younger 20s are used to playing video games or using mobile devices. Because technology is continually changing, casinos are trying to find options to add to the gaming floor that uses the latest innovations and elements.

Immersion is a huge factor that casinos are looking to so that players have something that catches their eye and they want to stay on the gaming floor. With immersive advanced technology, a wider demographic is reached and traffic maintained. Software developers today are looking to enhance the display case of games so that players attention is easily capture.

Cabinets for slots now use 4K resolution and LED lighting for a flashy look and feel. The sound quality is also improved so that players can truly feel immersed in the game. Take for example the curved cabinet. Scientific Games Corp. has created a curved cabinet for slots and continues to improve upon the design to immerse players into the title. Players feel as if they are inside the game and with quality sound, it creates and overall experience.

Other operators like Aristocrat are making changes to give players an interactive element. The company is currently planning a new game based on the popular icon Madonna. The game is set to launch soon and will offer players an opportunity to sing karaoke with some of the singer’s top hits.

This is an added element that allows the player to do something physical rather than just hit the buttons on the screen. The experience isn’t about winning or losing but having fun.

Mobile Elements

Today’s consumers use mobile technology on a daily basis. Casinos are having to work quickly to integrate mobile technology in order to stay on trend and keep player interest. Some casinos have launched mobile sites that can be accessed by players on their property while others are looking to offer ways for players to make payments or to simplify rewards programs.

A cashless option is also in the works via International Game Technology (IGT). The company is working to provide a mobile wallet so players can transfer cash to the wallet to play at the casino or connect to a debit or credit card.

Players would simply hold their smartphone to a sensor on the machine and then log in to play. The money would be transferred straight to the game. This element would certainly be something players want to see and have access to while at the gaming floor.

This is just the beginning of technology changes in the gambling world. As tech continues to grow and expand in general, the casino industry must embrace change as well in order to provide gamblers what they want to see. It will be interesting to watch over the rest of the year and into the near future how the industry changes and adapts to keep up with player technology demand.

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