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Rock Around the Clock Review

Slot information:

Game  Rock Around the Clock
Software  Konami
Type  Video slot
Reels  3
Paylines  NA
Total coins  20
Coins range  0.10-500.00
Jackpot  1000
Bonus round  Yes (3)
Free spins  7/NA


Rock Around the Clock is a popular video slot by Konami, the globally renowned slot developer. Just as its fans expected, the machine utilizes the Advantage Revolution breakfront that has a unique reel mechanism for substituting between the bonuses and the spinning video reels. With a hit frequency of 50%, Rock Around the Clock is a great 50s-themed game for players who love the thrill of a mid-high variance game.


All fans of 1950s music can identify with the theme around which this Konami Slot is built: Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets. The old school track plays in the background to keep you entertained as you play the game, and every time any of you clocks strike twelve, a bonus is triggered, and the characters begin to groove to the background track. The exciting theme and colourful symbols are bound to make this game incredibly fun and entertaining for all kinds of players and both beginners and amateurs.

Symbols and bonuses to look out for

While playing this game, you should anticipate any of the three clock bonuses it offers; and one of this is associated with one of the six jackpot levels. The game is set on the ’27 ways’ setup, which means that the symbols can make 27 possible winning combinations. Payouts are made on a left-to-right adjacent combination.

The most interesting thing about this game is how there is a clock right above the reels that assures you of when and not if a bonus will occur. This feature is useful as it will help you predetermine how much you have to stake to hit that bonus. There are several colour-coded clocks (blue, purple, red) that have four spaces in between the hours and 5 other gaps on the clock’s hand; where each is filled as you place a bet.

For instance, if your clock’s hand is at 9:00 and you have no gaps on it filled, you need will need to go through 15 spaces to hit 12:00, and you must fill up all 5 gaps to move through the spaces. This means that your total bet would have to be 0.5x15x5= 37.50 for a minimum bet per spin of 0.50 coins.

As you play this game and hit ten spins, the clocks on the bonus start to increase, and once one of the clocks strikes 12, the bonus it is associated with is activated. Some symbol combinations also can speed up the ‘time’ so that the clock hits 12 and you scoop a bonus feature.

In this game, the blue clock is the one to watch for the free spins feature. There is a nudge feature that facilitates even bigger wins; as you play in free mode, the nudge feature can be used to land stacked 7s. This unique feature also lets you retrigger the free spins as well as the other bonuses in this game. The lucky records bonus feature is triggered when the purple clock strikes 12, while the Rockin Jackpot is triggered by the red clock striking twelve both of which have plenty of huge prizes.


This 50’s themed slot by Konami is a huge win on their part, as it is quite difficult to find a slot with such a unique theme being so interesting. The slot has intertwined the old school vibes and today’s technology to provide a slot that will not only give you massive winnings through its bonuses and progressive jackpots but also entertained through the background 50s hits.