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Flaming Red 7s Review

Slot information:

Game  Flaming Red 7s
Software  Konami
Type  Stepper slot
Reels  5
Paylines  30
Total coins  –
Coins range  –
Jackpot  4
Bonus round  yes
Free spins  30


Flaming Red 7s isn’t just your typical 5 reel slot game that you find at the casino. It’s packed full of interactive elements, including scatters, wilds, bonus rounds, video overlays, and other gamble features. It’s designed to create an immersive experience that’s more than just rolling the dice. The sights, sounds, and gameplay mechanisms make the experience worth every penny.

How to play Flaming Red 7s

The fact that Flaming Red 7s has 30 play-lines makes it incredibly exciting and full of potential. This is far removed from the single horizontal center play-line that only gave a win when you aligned the right symbols along that one line.

The 30-pay-lines of the Flaming Red 7s offer so many other opportunities to win. You can win with symbols aligned in different ways, including diagonally, horizontally, and even in a zigzag fashion. As you play the game, you’ll see those pay lines displayed by the slot machine at the bottom of the 5 reels.

However, the fact that you have 30 pay-lines doesn’t necessarily mean that you get more total wins than a single pay-line. If you play the 30 pay-lines, you may win on only one but lose on all the rest of the 29 other pay lines. Hence, you would have to subtract your 29 loses from the single win you made.

That means you need to make a significant enough win to offset any losses you make on the other pay lines. On the other hand, if you get lucky enough to win on all pay lines, that will undoubtedly add up to a far more significant win than what’s possible in a single pay line mechanism.

The good thing with this mechanism is you get to bet multiple times by placing a single bet. As you may know, you are more likely to get a win after playing numerous times rather than a few times.

Another good thing about multiple pay lines is the fact that you can get small wins much more consistently.

You can even change your bet size. This way, you can determine how much you intend to bet per line and also the number of pay-lines you want to play. Hence, you can manage your pace when betting so you can have more control over your spending and potential wins.

Symbols and bonuses to look out for:

The Rolling for Riches feature in Flaming Red 7s is particularly exciting and offers the potential of wining both mini and major progressive jackpots. This feature is located on the display screen above the 5 reels of the slot machine.

Here, you’ll get the option to choose between two sides. Once you choose a side, a ball is released on the display and rolls down to either of those sides. You win if the ball lands in the side you chose.

Besides that bonus, you can benefit from stacked 7s in the 5-reel game. Some 7s appear stacked in two and even fours. This makes it easier to match several pay lines for easy wins.

Free spins mode

During the Free Game feature, you can win up to 30 Free Games.


Flaming Red 7s offers a whole lot of exciting features that any slot fan would love. The combination of 30 pay lines, Rolling for Riches feature, and Free Games feature make it captivating and rewarding.