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Eleven Pearls Review

Slot information:

Game  Eleven Pearls
Software  Konami
Type  Video slot
Reels  N/A
Paylines  N/A
Total coins  –
Coins range  –
Jackpot  –
Bonus round  –
Free spins  25

If you love sea creatures, you’ll undoubtedly love Eleven Pearls. This is a game designed to eliminate the complicated pay-lines of 5-reel slots, and instead presents a video display with a 4-5-4-5-4 reel design.

It also goes further to replace the ordinary wilds, scatters, bells, and other symbols with images of adorable sea creatures like crabs, dolphins, fishes and, above all, precious pearls. This display makes the game much more enjoyable, by merely changing the boring images you’ve probably grown tired of seeing on slot machines.

The game is designed by Konami and runs on Podium, Podium Slant, and Podium Goliath cabinets.


Eleven Pearls is all about getting the natural treasure in the sea: pearls. Using the 4-5-4-5-4 reel design, the display features all manner of cute sea creatures within individual sectors all over the screen. It has an exciting array of turtles, dolphins, pearls, fish, crabs, and other sea creatures.

However, compared to many modern slots, the graphics on this game is a bit on the plain side. The same can also be said of the game’s library of sound effects. The tunes that play when you win can sound particularly old-fashioned. They seem like a succession of beeps created for a 1980’s arcade game.

Despite that, the game does have a strong appeal, especially with the potential for more wins and free game bonuses. The game offers solid gameplay that makes it extremely engaging. Most of all, it’s quite simple to understand, without having to figure out complicated pay-lines. What you see on the display is exactly what you get.

How to play Eleven Pearls

Although this game has done away with the pay lines typical in 5-reel slot games, it utilizes a similar concept to such pay lines.

Based on the 4-5-4-5-4 reel design, the game cannot have any horizontally matched images, but it can have vertically matched images. It also allows for matching across adjacent cells with similar images.

Looking at the design, it gives the appearance of a honeycomb. That’s because the adjacent columns are intertwined instead of being placed side by side.

That means you can get wins from having adjacent images of turtles, dolphins, pearls, fish, crabs, and other sea creatures. Having a fully vertical match of pearls will give you a massive win with extra bonuses.

The reel design in this game offers many more additional stops than the traditional 5-reel slot. All the wins pay from the leftmost position to the right, except for scatters. Every win you get is multiplied by the bet level, except for scatters. With scatters, the wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered.

To trigger the free games, you’ll need to have 3 or more matching symbols. Things get even more exciting here, considering that you can win even more free games during the free games. That exponentially compounds your free game potential.

Symbols and bonuses to look out for:

You’re sure to get lots and lots of free spin bonus rounds with this game, including a lot of pearl symbols. Playing the live game on a slot machine lets you scoop progressive jackpots, unlike the online versions that give bigger wins when you line up the top symbols.

Free spins mode

In the free spins mode, you get as much as 25 spins, and you can get even more free spins during those free spins.


Eleven Pearls presents an exciting game that’s easy for anyone to understand. The free spins and attractive sea-themed design make it a joy to play.