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Ocean Casino Resort Plans Renovations in Atlantic City

Ocean Casino Resort Plans Renovations in Atlantic City

After a solid year of revenue earnings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City is now ready to invest in the property some more. The casino operator has announced that $15 million will be spent in the near future on upgrades to the venue. With additional options offered on-site, the casino will be able to provide even more to its visitors.

Details of the Upgrades

The casino has plans to upgrade the casino floor, plus add to the outdoor amenities. The beach, cabanas, and pools will all be changed to offer an even better experience for guests. In the casino, the property will soon offer a new high-limit gaming space. A new Asian gambling area is also included.

The Asian area is an important change for the casino as it will offer a better selection of games that Asian and Asian American customers prefer. Games such as pai gow will be included along with titles that have Asian origins or themes.

The changes to the game floor will be added as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in the state. Ocean Casino Resort CEO Terry Glebocki said that it is an opportunity to provide guests with an evolving gaming experience that is unique to the market.

To make the space more comfortable for gamers as they move about the casino, Ocean will be installing new pathways. Guests will have an easier time moving from one area to the next. As a bonus, the game floor will also include 250 new slots!

The changes are sure to make the Ocean Casino Resort even more appealing than it already is. The operator sees the value in the changes and is working to put the recent profits to good use. With the investment, Ocean Casino is sure to see a return as more players travel to the venue as COVID-19 restrictions ease in other states as well.

Many people have avoided travel due to the pandemic. Now that vaccinations are happening at a more rapid rate, people are more willing to travel which means more visitors to such destinations as Atlantic City.

New Bonuses and Raises

At this time, employees have also been struggling. It has been difficult to be out of work during the pandemic and rely on unemployment as well as additional help from food banks and other resources. For employees of Ocean Casino, there are bonuses and raises coming.

The AC casino operator has announced that over $1 million has been set aside for employees by way of bonuses and raises. In 2020, Ocean was able to more than triple its operating profits. It was the only casino in Atlantic City to be able to see an increase in yearly profit for 2020 due to the pandemic.

It’s amazing to see the Ocean earn $21.8 million last year when in 2019, the property earned only $6.7 million. Now, employees will be able to benefit as well as their employer decides to show some love and share in the spoils of a good year.